Cadence Review, Oct. 2016

Moving Fourth album cover

LENNY MARCUS [p], has been putting out records since the 1980s. His music is easily accessible but never pandering to commercialism. His latest, MOVING FOURTH [LJM-024] offers up 13 tracks [57:13] of which 10 are originals. The standards are “The In Crowd” (he does more with this than Ramsey Lewis), “Solar” and “What A Wonderful World”. Marcus shows a full range on the keys with nods to McCoy Tyner, Beethoven and Ramsey Lewis. It is ironic that on the hype sheet accompanying the CD is a quote credited to this fine magazine, Cadence, that says “Marcus resembles Keith Jarrett”—of which I hear no resemblance. This is really Marcus’ date. He is joined by his trio [Larry Scott-drm, Rick Eckberg-b] and friends [Vladimir Espinosa-perc, Ken Hitchcock-sax, Chris Magee-tpt/fly, Tom Artwick-sax/flt] all of whom make fine contributions but the writing and arranging is subservient to the piano. Marcus has written some fine originals here and he is the one who shines in totality. It’s about music.

Comfort and Joy for the Holidays

Comfort and Joy cover

This Holiday CD swings! Interweaving traditional holiday songs with Christmas Charlie Brown music and selected works of Beethoven, Marcus has created a musical mix that is pure “Comfort and Joy!” Sure to warm the heart all year long.

Check out this release here and click on the links to buy.