Sun Ray Reviewed by Midwest Record Entertainment

How cool is this? Not only was Bryant an early Marcus piano teacher, Bryant was also Marcus’s father’s best friend. Any kid thinking about music would be a head case to throw away an opportunity like that. From having his songs on the Weather Channel to getting a chance to pay a heart felt tribute to the recently departed Bryant, Marcus doesn’t disappoint, and here he pulls out all the stops to make sure he gets his point across. A delightfully infectious date that does a fine job of keeping the memory alive, any Bryant fan owes it to himself to listen to this next to the originals. Everyone else owes it to themselves to check it out. Hot stuff.

Distant Dream Reviewed by Midwest Record Entertainment

In which we find Marcus marking his territory as the jazzbo with the sense of humor, whether making word play with the titles or jazz play with the music. You get the feeling he played a lot of the original Ramsey Lewis Trio, when he was a kid and wasn’t listening to Ray Bryant. Not a retro record, but with a lot of echoes of the 60s era on board, you’ll hear Lewis, Bryant, Hancock and all the rest that were making clear marks in the days before Miles went nuts and turned contemporary jazz on it’s head. Anyone in their 40s or 50s will know and relate to how groovy these sounds are. Now that the new season of “Mad Men” has turned everyone on to Now Sound, it’s time to you to turn to guides like this to show you what you’ve been missing in your quest for uber cool.

Check it out.